Monday, January 2, 2012

First Week of REAL Missionary Work

Hey guys!

I don't have very long to write to you because we are in Staples using the trial computers... shhh! Don't tell anyone! We normally use the library but everything is closed because of the holiday. So next week will be much better.

So it sounds like you already know everything. How did you hear about all of that? But ya Elder Smith is a great guy from Washington (state) and he is my height. We are a big companionship but it's good because our are is GHETTO! Haha I'm kidding but at the same time I'm really not. It's not the worst place in the mission area (in terms of living conditions) that would be Lawrence, Mass. Elder Smith says that Lawrence is the Hood so if I get sent there then I'm legit. But Lawrence has a great ward and too many people here in Manchester go to Lawrence for church which hurts because then we can't build up our ward as much as we could if they came to their home ward. I love the area though, don't get me wrong.

I've met so many incredible people and I've only been here 7 days! A lot of people here are under-priviledged which is unfortunate but it helps them be humble which is nice. Oh and white people are definitely not the majority group here. I have met people from Sudan (they're BIG here, watch for a Sudanese ward!), Togo West Africa, Congo, Albania, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and probably more but I can't remember them. It's so crazy! I thought I was going stateside but it doesn't feel like it at all here. Almost everyone we talk to speaks another language besides English and sometimes they don't speak English at all. We give out copies of The Book of Mormon in English, French, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic.

Also, if you didn't already know I have been called to a Spanish speaking area so I am trying to learn Spanish! I can understand almost all of the conversations that Elder Smith has with people but I can't speak hardly anything! It's so tough to have to learn to talk and teach random people things that are so important to you but then to have to do it in Spanish makes it even harder. But in our apartment we only pray in Spanish and I have that down, kind of. My prayer is very elementary because I can only say certain things. But I'm learning slowly but surely.

I don't have time to share any amazing spiritual experiences that I have had, but I have definitely had them so next week I will put them in. One funny thing about Manchester is that at around 8 pm the weird people come out of their houses and walk around. And until yesterday we only walked and rode bikes so we got to meet some interesting people. We met an "alien from another sphere" who was playing space music through his hat, that was pretty cool. We have also met and talked with a drug dealing pimp. He said he would meet with us if we brought a freemason member with us but I don't know if that will happen so we'll see. He was really supportive of us though which was funny. He told us to go change the world but we just want to talk with him.

So my new address is 421 Hanover St. Apt #3 Manchester NH 03104 so send me some letters! I just wanted all of you to know that I'm doing great and I haven't been mugged or shot, yet. (That was for you Mom ;) ) I hope I get some letters and I might write some today but I'm pretty busy.

Happy New Year I hope you have some great goals planned for 2012! Talk to you next week!

Elder Resendez

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