Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012

Hey Everyone!

How are things going down in the warm parts of the earth? I think I have forgotten what it feels like to be warm. Today is a relatively warm day and it is about 34 outside! I'm sorry I didn't write an email last week, the library was closed for MLK day. We also had to help someone move so there wasn't much time to write a hand letter. But don't worry about me, I didn't die or anything!

Mom, I have received EVERYTHING so don't worry about that. It just took a little while to get situated but now everything is perfect. And to everyone else that sent me letters, thank you! I try to write as many letters as I can on P-Day but I can only do so many so if it takes me a while to write back to you I apologize. But please keep them coming, I love it!

The past two weeks have been pretty good. I have started contributing a lot more to our lessons and during the regular daily activities. I'm still new so I don't do everything but I need to work like I've been a missionary for a long time.

So some bad news that has come to us, we no longer have a car full-time. Some Sisters in Vermont(?) crashed their car (they're fine, don't worry) so we had to give them ours. So now we are back on a car share! Woohoo! Now we have to find rides all over the place which can be difficult when most members live North of the chapel and we live South. It also doesn't help that we have to be to Church an hour early on Sundays. Yesterday we couldn't find a ride so we decided we would walk. So we walked the two miles to the church! It was pretty crazy and super cold. Everyone at church told us that their thermometers said it was 3 degrees! And that was an hour after we had already started walking. The snow didn't help either but it made for a good story. We didn't tell anyone at church about our pioneer trek because we didn't want them to feel bad so now I'm getting my chance to brag about it.

Something else that was tough this week was losing Ralph. Ralph was doing great, we were teaching him every other day and he loved coming to church and talking about baptism. But two days ago he told us that he and his brother are moving to New York for a little to see if they can find jobs. If they can't, they will come back. But I highly doubt we will still be here when they do. So that got me pretty bummed. We also didn't have anyone at Church on Sunday which hurt. We did have a visitor who performs for Disney on Ice. That was pretty cool and caused a mild amount of excitement in the ward. She plays Jesse from Toy Story but that's all I know.

So that was the bad stuff from our week so now for the good. We had a lesson with this guy named Craig who is about 21 years old and it went really well. We were about to teach him the Restoration when he suddenly received a text from his mother telling him that his sister (who has numerous health problems) was in the hospital again. When he got the text he was super worried about her and couldn't focus on anything. Then the member that was with us asked him if he wanted a blessing of comfort and he said he did. So we abandoned the lesson and I gave him a blessing and it was amazing! The Spirit was super strong and once it was over he was completely speechless. The only thing he could say was how awesome that was and how thankful he was for it. He definitely felt the Spirit and knew it. We will be meeting with him again this week and I'm super excited to see how he has progressed and how his sister is doing.

Well I know you guys asked me a lot of questions in your letters but I can't remember them so maybe in a personal letter I will answer them. Mom, if there are questions that you keep hearing but can't answer just email them to me and I will mass answer them. Also, try putting my memory card into your camera and see if that works (Ty sent a memory card with pictures home but we can't open it!). Or maybe ask someone who is savvy with all of that jazz because I'm not. Especially being a missionary, you lose all knowledge of technology.

I'm doing really well and I'm having a great time! It's hard most of the time but it's definitely possible. All you have to do is rely on the strength of the Lord rather than your own and you will be fine. I hope you all have had a wonderful beginning to the new year and have made some progress on those resolutions! 
Keep me up to date on how things are going in the ward and with whatever else is changing. Also, remember to read your scriptures! An athlete doesn't become stronger by not lifting weights! We have them for a reason so we should use them! Make this week a great one and I hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Resendez

P.S. I had the "official" drink of Maine the other day. It is called Moxie and it's pretty good. I guess it's only sold in this area but if you ever find it, try it and think of me!

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