Tuesday, December 18, 2012

17 December 2012


Man this week was crazy! We had so much happen but it ended up being one of our most productive weeks. We're dead tired and grateful for our P-Day but we're also excited for Christmas next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Just in case I haven't said that part yet).

So this week was full of sweet miracles but the biggest one happened with Hermano Paniagua. He's not a member but his whole family is and they have been trying for years to get him to be baptized too. Everyone in church knows him and he almost got baptized in the past. So we went over to visit him and found out that his concern about baptism stemmed from thinking that he had done things that were unforgivable. So we shared some amazing and inspired scriptures with him like D&C 58:42-43 and he felt the Spirit and committed to a date! Even better is that the date is Dec 29th! That's two weeks from now! We were completely blindsided by his eagerness to be made clean. We were also surprised by how the Lord had prepared him for that visit. The best part is that the visit was just a stop by. We hadn't planned it at all but we felt impressed to go visit him even though he works all the time. So we have 12 days to make sure he's totally ready for his baptism!

We also had another baptism this week! It was in the other elders' area but it was a cool kid I had taught before so I was super excited for his baptism. Because of legal things he has to go to Virginia until March but then he will come back. He really reminds me of Papi in the way he acts which is fun to see. So I'll attach a picture of his baptism, his name is Eduardo.

Another miracle that happened was that I went on exchange with E. Dorantes and we visited Elias (the guy I used to teach whose brother Mervin just got baptized). We had an awesome lesson with him and he was so happy to see me. Then later we went and saw Elias' sisters and dad. His dad absolutely loves me for some reason! I walked into the apartment and he literally ran over and hugged me and said, "Hermano! Cuanto tiempo!" Haha he was so happy to see me. We taught the sisters (Wanda and Yahaira) and committed Wanda to be baptized. Yahaira's already a member but she was teaching so well with us it was awesome! Oh and they're all in their 20's and 30's by the way. They're so tight! The whole family is going to be members soon! So far only Mervin and Yahaira are members but Elias and Wanda have dates set and are progressing well.

Oh and I saw a sweet falcon while walking through the projects the other day! It was stalking another falcon who had caught a mouse but I wasn't able to take a picture of the other falcon. It was a Christmas miracle for sure.

We also had a new missionary meeting this week so I got to see Elder Smith (the new AP) again and hang out with some cool cats. We also had interviews with President Wilkey which went pretty well. It's always a blessing to have personal time with President Wilkey, he's a champ! This week was so awesome, I hope the next one can beat it!

Thank you, by the way, to everyone who has sent me a card or letter for Christmas! I love them and will write back soon! Stay classy everyone and Merry Christmas!

Elder Ty Resendez

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 December 2012


Ok so first off, I don't know what keeps happening but I don't think I make sense when I write these letters. People keep misunderstanding me like I'm Joseph Smith or something. So I'm gonna set some things straight since Christmas is right around the corner and I want to be on the "good" list. I don't hate my comp (E. Christensen), in fact he's super tight and we work great together! I also love E. Kinyon and E. Dorantes. I also don't want to sound racist or something or biased or whatever else haha so I love everybody! And no, I don't have 7 wives.

Whew! Now that that's out of the way, time to get down to business! The other elders in Lawrence (Kinyon & Dorantes) had a baptism this week and it was my boy Mervin! He's a super cool Dominican guy who has progressed so much. He's pretty quiet and timid but he knows so much about the gospel and loves church. After church he came up to us and asked us to show him where he can pay his tithing! Most people don't want anything to do with tithing. It really showed how well he understands the gospel. I'll attach a pic of him at the end, he's the one with the sweet fro.

What else? Norma's husband and daughter are progressing like crazy and have baptismal dates. Iliana's son (Eric) is all set for baptism but the rest of the family is really getting hit hard with anti. It's sad to see because people have such a hard time with anti. It's such garbage but people throw it everywhere. Even Barbara Walters is pushing it on 20/20. It's amazing how people take anything on T.V. as fact. Please, please, don't waste your time with any of those shows or books or videos or whatever. If you want to know about Mormons, read the Book of Mormon. That is what we believe and not any of what other people claim we believe. Anyways...enough of that!

As for ties, we can't wear ties with pictures or words. We can wear paisley, stripes, solids. Basically anything a GA would wear to speak in conference.

Oh and a shout out to Val! Kiss her you fool!

As for Christmas calls, we don't know anything yet but I assume I'll call you on Christmas day. Problem is we only get 1 hour to talk and as you know, that hour goes fast. So I could try to split it up, I just need the numbers that I'm going to call and I'll tell you when I will call. I should have more info in 2 weeks or so.

Has it snowed there? Have you ever been snowed into your apartment? Take a picture of a snowman you built please. Do you have to shovel snow for people?
-Yes but only a little. Today's a pretty warm day so all the snow melted away already. I don't know when it will snow again but probably soon. No I haven't been snowed in, one time we just couldn't use our car. We never have to shovel snow for people but sometimes we get to ;)

Did Mervin take the plunge?
-Thankfully no. But he did get baptized.

Did you get to play football last P day?
-Yes we did, it was like playing in a windy ice bath but it was fun. E. Christensen laughed cuz sometimes I'll just sit there and mess around and then do something really good out of nowhere.

Is Nino Muerto a main dish?
-No, it's like a rice ball with meat or something in it.

Have you fallen off your bike again?
-No way! Our bikes don't work so naturally....I can't fall off.

Do you ever have strange street contacts?
-Umm....only every day! We had some guy ask us if they could genetically prove that Lamanites were from Jerusalem. Then he told us to do yoga cuz it will open up our "third eye". Yes actually, when he said the words "third eye" he did point to his forehead and make laser beam noises! How did you know?

So as of right now, we're just maxin and relaxin like the Fresh Prince. We're super excited for Christmas and we have tons of work to do. All that we ask is that you remember the true meaning of this season by giving of yourself. As President Monson said last night, he who gives money gives much. He who gives time gives more. But he who gives himself gives all.

Oh and one last thing, eh hem. SYDNEY LOVELL IS MY BEST FRIEND!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!

Elder Resendez

Saturday, December 1, 2012

26 Nov 2012 - One More Round

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the first day of our new transfer and guess what? I'm staying in Lawrence! Another 6 weeks which means that I'll be spending Christmas and New Years here so I'm pretty stoked about that. It also means that I get my 2nd two transfer companion. If you haven't noticed, about every 6 weeks President Wilkey likes to give me a new companion. The only exception was E. Rodriguez but now E. Christensen can join the club of my 2 transfer comps. Transfer calls were on Saturday and none of us got a call so we're all pretty happy to be here together for another go. It also means that E. Kinyon is going to die here in Lawrence, so we're going to do our best at fighting off the trunkiness for him haha.

Also, this week Norma had her confirmation. It was pretty sweet because she's been waiting for this for so long! She is so happy now and loves all of the classes that happen after Sacrament. In the past she didn't go to the classes after Sacrament but now she wants to go to them and loves them! Also, 2 other investigators FINALLY came to church! They're friends of a less-active family and they had a good time at church and want to come again. As for Iliana and her family, they're doing great but they keep getting hit with anti and junk so please pray for them that they can base themselves in the Book of Mormon and in true doctrine. Oh! And this Saturday is the baptism of a guy named Mervin, the other elders teach him now but I taught him in the past and he's so tight! He's so cool and is getting baptized now so I'm super excited for that. Lawrence is really blossoming now but we gotta keep at it!

Are you still in Lawrence? Same comp?
-Si Senor!

Did you eat anything different on Thanksgiving?
-Hmm....we had nino muerto haha I don't know how to describe it other than by it's name. It was funny when Triana(a super tight member) offered it to us. We all hesitated for a second. The weirdest thing was the lack of certain food, like pumpkin pie! I didn't eat ANY pumpkin pie! I just about started a riot like the one Lawrence had in the 80's.

Did you get to see some football?
-Haha ya...it was the cowboys so I really had to be strong. But I asked what the score was and when I found out I lost all desire to watch it.

Did you get to play any football?
-No...we had a turkey bowl planned and everything but then the assistants told us we couldn't play since it wasn't p day. But we will be playing today!

How many meals did you get on thanksgiving?
-I think it came out to be about 4 dinners... So 6 in total? We almost died haha

We figured out that December 8th is hump day for your mission - are
you planning any special activities in honor of it?
-One question, why is it hump day? I just started the ascent! We might go out and eat at Denny's or something. We'll see. As of right now there's nothing planned. Also President Uchtdorf counselled us that we should serve our whole mission as if we are at our year mark so I've been there for almost 12 months now!

Did you really not get the flu shot or were you just teasing?
-Flu shots are for weak gringos.

Things are really going great over here. We're prepping for some awesome baptisms and stuff and looking forward to Christmas. Oh and by the way, they made us sing in sacrament last week. Bet you never thought I would sing with 6 other people in Sacrament meeting. But I did, and it was horrible haha. But for some reason they keep asking us to sing, like at FHE and for the Christmas party. Crazy people must be tone deaf haha But thanks for all the support, I love you all!

Elder Resendez

Monday, November 26, 2012

19 Nov 2012


Long time no see! So sorry about last week, I was at Best Buy and after I sent an email to Prez I checked my email but I was on a tablet. So I decided to change to a computer but when I did that myldsmail stopped working and I couldn't write any emails or send pics. So that was pretty lame.

But.....this week was awesome!!!!! Norma got baptized! After 8 years, maybe more, she finally was able to enter the waters of baptism! She was so happy to finally reach her goal of baptism. Now her goal is the temple, which is a pretty sweet goal in my opinion.

So her baptism was just yesterday and on Wednesday we had zone conference in Topsham, Maine with Elder Marcus B. Nash from the Seventy! He is so legit! Like, too legit. We had some amazing spiritual experiences and I learned SO much. Oh fyi, he gave a talk in October 2012 conference. Check it out, he's a boss! He is so good at teaching, it's insane. He will have a conversation with you and the questions he uses help you to give answers from the Holy Ghost. So he basically can talk to you in a way that makes you seek out your own inspiration. Very cool stuff, I've been trying to teach like him the last few days and it is tough. But, it works.

It was such a cool experience, learning from Elder Nash. When I first met him he asked me how my mission is going and I responded that it is going great. I also mentioned learning Spanish, as soon as I said that he began talking to me in perfect Spanish! Haha I was taken back by how quickly he transitioned but then talked back to him. So then the rest of the day anytime he talked to me he did so in Spanish. It was kinda cool cuz it set
me apart from the other missionaries haha. It made me the coolest one in the room. Also the least prideful if you can't tell haha.

As for Elder Christensen, whom I love despite the slanderous rumors of those who I thought I could trust, and I we are doing great! We are teaching in more unity and I'm giving him more responsibility which takes more off of my shoulders. So that's nice haha. He's a great compa, especially for being a shoobie. He's got some great potential so I really hope to stay with him for another transfer.

Oh and this week is the last week of transfers. We get the call on Saturday, but hopefully we don't get a call. I really hope we don't. This has been the fastest transfer so far and if things keep moving faster and faster, I'll be home in no time. Which I'm definitely not ready for. I'm no where close to that but it's scary how fast time goes. Oh and for those of you wondering, yes Elder Nash did make a joke about his "brother", Steve.

Ok so real quick, yes we have a ton of places to eat this week. Like 4-5 on Thursday haha and we are working hard to find some new people to teach.

No the storm didn't do anything to us.

No, flu shots are for women and children and strong men, which means not me.

I'm working hard and trying to become fluent at Spanish! Oh and some girl from Spain said I speak really well, she was super surprised at how I spoke. But I think she's just a liar haha.

Anyways, Nos vemos!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Buenos Aires!!!!!!!!!! Ya!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Nov 2012 - Election Day!!!

Digame Paysanos! (FYI if that's a swear word, blame E. Dorantes haha)

Hey I don't know about you but this week was crazy! So many things happened...

First off, the "Post-Tropical Storm" was a huge let down. It only ruined our P-Day and wasn't even crazy or cool. We just got some heavy rain and about ten minutes of lightning. I was severely disappointed. So that's all of my update on the storm, you all know more than I do about what it did. I guess sharks landed in people's yards? That's so cool! I'd totally cook it up and have a shark lua'u!

This week was more crazy because Obispo Morales FINALLY stepped down from being the bishop! It's been over 8 years and it finally ended! It's so crazy, people were crying a ton at church yesterday. Our new Obispo is Obispo Campbell. He's from Derry NH and he's married to a Guatemalan lady. He and his wife served missions at different times in Guatemala so dad you might know them. It's Donald Campbell and Elena Barillas.

Anyway, he seems like a great obispo so we're excited to get to work with him. Obispo Morales was the best but we're glad that he's finally getting a break from all of the stress and stuff.

Questions! :
Do you have electricity at your apartment?

What floor is your apartment on?
-The first, which is dangerous cuz people only rob the first floor haha. And we live on the H-Block (of course I know the gang sign for it!), which is what the gangs call our street, but I've never seen any gangs around here.

Did you get any sharks in your front yard? (like in New Jersey)
-I wish!

What was the worst part of the storm?
-Um....coming in 8 hours early on P-Day

Did you get to use a chainsaw?
-No, we can't use chainsaws as missionaries. Wer nut smhart enuf

Did you still have a ward halloween party?
-Ya, but it was like 3 weeks ago haha but the trick or treating here was postponed until this past Saturday, it was kinda funny to see people doing that in November.

How are Norma, DJ, and Lliana? Did they get baptized yesterday?
-Norma and DJ got pushed back because of work and health things but we hope to have them baptized on Nov. 17. So that's their new date. Also, Iliana (that's I as in Igloo, L as in Laugh, I as in Iguana, A as in Aspergers, N as in Nas, A as in Antidisistablishmentarianism or however it's spelled) is going great! Her family is progressing well and they all miss me! I miss them too but at least I get to see them at church. They have a family of 10! And so far four of them are working towards baptism. Four of them are too young so it's an amazing miracle.

So other than that our week has been normal. We are working hard but we had bad luck with getting investigators to church. We had 0 people even though over 6 committed to coming. So we gotta address that.

We are excited/scared for the upcoming elections. It's kinda fun since it only happens every 4 years and this time it's close but we are scared cuz E. Kinyon is die hard republican. Like down to the bone. So if Romney doesn't win, he'll probably flip out and break some stuff haha. So pray for our safety if President Obama wins again.

It's crazy to think that I've almost been a missionary for a year, it feels like so much time but it also feels like nothing when compared to my other friends. I really hope I get to spend a lot of time here in Lawrence so I can get my Spanish up to par.

Because of the "surge" of missionaries coming in we will go from 120 missionaries in our mission to over 200! They want each mission to get 250! And here in Lawrence they will probably have 6-8 missionaries so I may end up staying here longer than I ever thought. But I could also be kicked out at any time so who knows?

They are also thinking of extending the mission boundaries so we might get Lowell or Nashua or something like that. I think it'd be sick if we absorbed a part of Boston but I doubt that would happen. I really do think that Lawrence will be absorbed into a mission with more Spanish areas but thats just my opinion.

So ya, a lot of stuff is happening right now. We have zone conference the
14th and a GA will be there, Elder Marcus B. Nash. So we gotta represent our mission big time! I'm excited for that, it's going to be intense!

So here in Lawrence there's a store called "Swag House" and it sells all of your necessary swag accessories. So because of the Swag House our district is called the swag district, and to represent our district, I'm trying to find a sweet "Chain". Preferably one that says "swag" on it, I'll be looking today for it and I'll let you all know what I find. People all tell us that swag house is just a front for selling drugs and it kinda makes sense cuz they only have like 10 shirts and 20 hats for sale. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt haha.

Anyways, things are going great here! And please, if anyone can find out about Elder Matt Morgan from Logan Utah he's in Buenos Aires (West?) I want to know how he's doing!!! But as for E. Christensen and I, we're doing great. We're trying to build our relationship more and become better friends but as teachers we rock the house! Please pray for us but more importantly for those we teach! I love you all, take care!

Elder Resendez

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy All Clear - A Letter from the Mission President

To update you, Sandy is dying. However, she’s still scattering a few humbling reminders of her visit to New England! All missionaries are safe and accounted for. However, there was some loss of power, cell phone use, high winds, moderate rain, and minor flooding especially in Vermont where Hurricane Irene left such damage one year ago. Some areas of the mission were relatively untouched while others felt the “ripple” effect of the major blow our fellow missionaries and missions to the south of us experienced. I have been in contact with a fellow mission president in New York City and they will appreciate your prayers in their behalf.

As a precaution, I have postponed a specialized zone training meeting for today. I am allowing our missionaries to resume proselyting anywhere from a few city blocks to a 15 miles radius depending upon the conditions in each individual area. These limitations will likely be lifted tomorrow. There have been some inconveniences but the ultimate goal of safe missionaries has thus far been achieved.

Thank you for your prayers. We’re all safe because of your faith. If conditions worsen I will apprise you, but at this point let this mighty work roll forward as it “fills the whole earth!”

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - A Letter from the Mission President

As you are likely aware, we are on the cusp of Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane is on a collision course with a winter storm and a cold front, and high tides from a full moon make it a rare hybrid storm.

We have been tracking this storm for several days now and it appears our mission will not be as affected as others. However, we will not under-judge this storm and will err on the side of safety for your missionary. We have consulted with local members and officials, the National Weather Service and media outlets. Sandy looks to produce some high winds up to 70 miles per hour and potentially some rain, but nothing like last year’s Hurricane Irene. With the vast size of Northern New England the impact will vary, of course, by location. There is a likelihood of power outages, a routine phenomenon in these parts.

Embedded within our emergency plan is a calling tree wherein each companionship communicates with district leaders who in turn communicate with zone leaders to my assistants and then to me. I will receive those “All-in-safe” reports for the next two days. We continuously monitor any new developments and will update you in the event of any significant change in conditions. Yesterday I instructed the entire mission to stock up on non-perishable food, water, flashlights & extra batteries etc. according to emergency guidelines in our published plan at each apartment.

At this moment, your missionary is preparing for 2:00 pm today. That is when I have grounded the car fleet and ordered all missionaries in their apartments for the duration of the day and through tomorrow (Tuesday). In some parts of the mission this will be “overkill” but we do this to err on the side of safety.

At this point I am confident our missionaries are prepared well . The only thing that will prepare them further is your faith, your prayers and your confidence in these great Latter-day warriors! Thank you for preparing them in all ways for just such moments as this.

I feel much as did Helaman with his stripling warriors, “...they were firm and undaunted. Yea, and they obey ...with exactness; yea and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them (Alma 57:20-21).” With that backdrop to our present situation I am confident in their obedience and in what they were taught at home. Therefore, they will “...be preserved by his marvelous power.” (Alma 57:26).

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

So even though a giant hurricane or something is coming to town I found some time to write to you all and express my love for you. I feel like one of the apostles writing to the members of the church right before the apostolic storm, I'm calm as a babe.

Well here are some Q's!

How is or will the 'Frankenstorm' affect you? Are you preparing or helping others prepare? How about after, will you be helping with clean-up if needed? Do you have a reporting system with the Prez or Bishops in your area?
-Well we are on lockdown today as of 2pm so we are losing most of our p day which is lame. We could be on lockdown until wednesday but we'll see. It really won't be anything bad. We just gotta buy some water and candles and food. And yes we will help people clean up as some service. Yes we report to our zone leaders who report to the ap's and prez.

Have you found any challenges with having a comp that is super chill like you?
-Nope. Well sometimes we forget stuff like our phone cuz we both are too chill but its good for now.

How many pull-ups can you do?
-Like 3. I haven't done them for a long time.....

What does it mean to open an area (for those who don't know the jargon)?
-It means to open a fresh area. So we started with only 2 investigators. We had to find everyone else to teach. Normally you just switch in and out of an area and just start teaching the existing pool but we didn't do that cuz we're tigres.

How did you find your comp on Mormon.org?
-I just looked up New Hampshire Manchester mission and his name popped up and after reading his profile I realized he would be my next comp. Sneaky huh?

Please translate the Spanish joke from last week for the non-Spanish speakers.
-Ok so basically it says, "what's the difference between a pear and a girlfriend? A pear is a pear, but a girlfriend doesn't wait." Get it?? Girls never wait for missionaries!

How does having a Mormon Presidential candidate affect your missionary work?
-Everyone calls us "Romney boys" and stuff like that. It generates a lot of discussion which is good.

Did you get a flu shot?
-Not yet, but we have to soon.

Is it cold there yet?
-Its getting colder but it's still in the 50's and 60's

What happens when you get sick? Do you take a sick day? Have you gotten sick yet?
-Ya if you can't work, you can't work. I got sick one time but I worked through it cuz I'm a boss. But its not a big deal if you have to take a day off. People understand.

What do you want for Christmas?
-Hmmm..... Sick Watches are cool, hispanic scripture covers like the ones from the mtc are cool, conference cd's are cool (like Elder Holland's talk in oct 2007 and apr 2008 and bednar in apr 2008), christmas cd's, gangster flat brim hats, T-shirts, I don't know I'm not too picky.

Tell me another joke in Spanish.
-I'll send one next week ok! But in the meantime look up pajarito bobo.

Does your companion know Dog the Bounty Hunter?
-No...isn't Malibu in california?

Well the cane's coming so I gotta get going! Love you all and go trick or treating for me! Send me pics of your sweet costumes! I'll send you mine!

Elder Resendez

Friday, October 26, 2012

22 October 2012

Aloha! (Literally)

Oh man this week has been crazy! So much has happened I feel like I haven't had time to think!

So ya, I have another son! His name is Elder Joshua (Or Josh for short) Christensen from Laie, Hawaii! He's super cool and chill. He's never been outside of Hawaii except for a semester at BYU so it's super different here for him. He's Hawaiian but he's just white so he's not Poly or Asian or anything else.

This week went pretty well for us, I felt like a chicken without a head at times cuz we just opened this area and only had 2 investigators at the beginning of the week. Plus training on top of that was no bueno. But I'm loving it, things are starting to slow down and now we have 4 baptismal dates which rocks!

But before I say anything else, Quiz Time! :

How is training going?
-Great! It's new to me since last time I was trio training. My comp is chill and can do a backflip and can do like 50 pull ups so that's pretty cool. Plus he's a surfer and is teaching me Hawaiian words which is sick!

What do you and your comp have in common?
-Um...well we both like watching the sunset while walking on the beach, romantic comedies, and enjoying our favorite chocolate bars. Oh, and surfing and doing backflips. Actually we don't have any of those, only I do them. But we do like to play sports and joke around so we have fun together.

Did you really pinch Cohen's cheeks or was that a fantasy?
-Who hasn't pinched his cheeks?

Will you be in Lawrence for Thanksgiving? If so, who are you hitting up for a feast?
-Oh ya! Halloween AND Thanksgiving! And if I fully train E. Christensen like I should I will be here for Christmas too! Umm I think all of the members will feed us.

How do you know licking worms before using them as bait is a sweet fishing trick? Its OK, you can tell us how many you have licked - we won't tell everybody.
-Have you tried it?

Is it safe to mail packages to your '"ghetto" apartment? If not, should we send to mission office?
-Yes. If you send them to the office, I won't get them for months.

What is it like being a trainer? Anything different?
-It's SO different. Everything is my fault now so I can suffer the wrath of President Wilkey if I'm not good haha. But it's a lot of responsibility but a lot of fun. Plus we just opened our area so we are starting from scratch. Oh and being a trainer you now have to be an example at every moment, you can't slack off at all so it's a good thing I've never slacked off before in my life. (I can already hear dads laugh)

Did you get the companion you thought?
-Yup! I have a 7th sense. He's on mormon.org so that's where I found him

So what's up with you liking tres leches? Do they make it differently there or something? Because that stuff is no bueno.
-You know what Mal, you can leave! Tres leches is the bomb if it's made right! It was super high quality so I think that's why it was so good.

Is Boston in your mission? Can you only go to the temple if it is in your area?
-Nope, but I have a theory that one day Lawrence will get sucked in to the Boston mission. Or whichever one has Lowell. Yes you can only go to the temple if it's in your mission. But when you go home you go to the boston temple with President Wilkey so that's cool.

How is your Spanish coming along?
-Mas or menos, I need to learn how to perfect it but I don't know how to do that. I can talk and you can understand me but it's not beautiful so give me some tips or some cheat codes so I can get fluent!

Do you know any jokes in Spanish?
-Si, cual es la diferencia (i can't write Spanish btw) entre una pera y una novia? La pera es pera pero la novia no espera. Say it fast and think what its trying to say in terms of missionaries! My son taught me that one!

What are you reading right now?
Ummm.....my emails. Or the scriptures. I just finished the bom so I started it over but I'm going to focus on pmg and the new testament more now. I'm also trying to study the scriptures in spanish so I'm reading in 1 Nephi. I also can't wait for the Liahona to come out with the conference talks!

Anyways! So now we have 4 missionaries in Lawrence, E. Kinyon is with E. Dorantes (he's a native and super tight!). We thought E. Rodriguez was going to come back but he got sent up to North Vermont haha I'm going to miss him but I'll see him sometime soon. Also pray for Norma and Dj, their baptismal date is for nov 3 and also pray for Iliana and her family. I don't have time to tell their stories but they need prayers!

Oh and guess what? We were almost in a shooting last night!!!!! We were walking home when suddenly we heard 2 gun shots about 1-2 blocks ahead of us! It was so nuts! We decided to take a turn and go a different way to get home and arrived safely. And the only reason we didn't get shot is because we stopped and contacted someone on the street. If we had kept walking we would have died!!!! Just kidding mom, we would have been safe please don't call President Wilkey. I love you. Haha well have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Resendez

Monday, October 15, 2012

15 October 2012


Happy almost Halloween!!! It's fall over here in New England and it's beautiful! I think fall here is my favorite season of all, the leaves and trees and decorations make you really feel like it's autumn.

So this week we had a lot of awesome things happen like Lorreny's confirmation. She was stoked for that and is still staying strong as a member. Her mom is a member but is "returning" so she's not fully active. It's kinda cool to say that we baptized someone from another mission, haha take that Lowell Elders! Lawrence-1 Lowell-0. So that was awesome and to cap it off we had a "standards night" last night for the youth and Lorreny gave testimony a bunch of times on different standards. Our bishop was even bragging about her to the stake youth leaders during the meeting, it was so funny.

Now the next person up to bat is Norma and her husband DJ. Norma has been investigating for many years now but because of various problems (health, desire, etc.) she has yet to be baptized. But she has now come back to church and is ready more than ever to fully make the covenant of baptism. Her date is set for Nov 3 but she may make it before that date if we all pray hard enough! So pray for her! Haha we're very excited for the growth that this ward has seen lately and we hope to keep it going!

Oh, and we got transfer calls two nights ago and if I haven't made it obvious yet, I'M STAYING IN LAWRENCE!!! I'm getting another 6 weeks here which I'm stoked for. Oh yeah, and I'm training! I'm getting a son (another one if you count E. Morgan, which I kind of do) tomorrow so I'm hyped for that. The only problem is that Pres Wilkey has really been cracking down as of late on a lot of things so I'm going to have to step it up big time. It's not that I'm a bad missionary, it's just that when you get more responsibility, President gets on your case a lot more. And I like Prez so I don't want to make him mad, he's like the Hulk. So I will let you all know more details when I get them so stay tuned. Oh, and I think my new comp is E. Christensen from Hawaii, don't ask me how I know that cuz I'd have to kill you if I told you. So we'll see if I'm correct...Anyways...

Question Time!

Have you had any food that you haven't had before?

-Yes! A bunch of food. In fact we just had tripleta this morning. It's super good and it's food from the DR. I'm not sure how to spell it all but basically I had Salami (fried), eggs (fried), queso frito, mango (squashed plantain), avena (like oatmeal), and ham and cheese empanadas. I've also had sancocho and various other hispanic dishes. I love them all! Oh, and I had tres leches this past week and it's now one of my favorite desserts. I can't get enough of it! It reminds me of when I had it in CR and almost threw up haha.

What would you be for Halloween if you weren't on a mission?

-Hmmm......probably a luchador. Those guys are my heroes so I would get my mask and stretchy pants. In fact, I'd make a luchador/superhero combo and hit up the local trunk or treat spots.

Any big news for us?

-I'm training! (Yes Mal, that was the big news I couldn't talk about. It wasn't set before so I didn't want to jynx it.) And I think E. Rodriguez is coming back to be E. Kinyon's comp.

What do you want for Christmas?

-Hmmm......I need more time! Watches are pretty cool. Or a nice peacoat or something. I don't know, missionary life is so weird it's hard to say what I want vs. what I need or can carry. I'll give more deats later.

What do you eat in a typical day?

-Morning: apple & bananas. Lunch: Yogurt or beans or peppers or all. Dinner: Hispanic food from a member or sometimes more yogurt. It's a really bland diet but it keeps me going haha.

Is there anything you miss from Arizona that you can't get in Lawrence?

-Pineapple Empanadas! Oh wait, I was supposed to say my family right?

How are your clothes? What do you need?

-They're alright, sometimes I look like a bum but that's ok. I'm looking for black pants right now, nothing fancy just something comfy and cheap.

How do you do laundry?

-We pay to use our landlord's washer and dryer. It's a total ripoff but whatever, it's convenient. Kinda.

How big is the ward?

-Hmmm.....I'd say over 300 members but only around 100 are active. It's still a very new ward. They were a branch just a few years ago.

What is the chapel like?

-We use the same one as the Methuen ward so it's very nice. But we are trying to get a chapel here in lawrence by fixing up an old catholic church or something like that. So pray that we get it approved!

Where is the nearest temple?

-Boston! It's like 30 minutes away, but I'll never go there until the end of my mission...

Who do you miss the most? You can be honest. Mom can handle it. I know it's me.

-Ummm....definitely Cohen. I miss pinching his cute little cheeks! Speaking of which, get on a mission ya hoser!

If you had to choose, would you rather be super strong or super fast?

-Strong! We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, I think that says it all right there.

What is the best and the worst food you've tried for the first time on your mission?

-Best: A toss up between queso frito and tres leches. Worst: chicharron. I hate that stuff haha

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on your mission?

-Hmmm....I'll think about that one and get back to you. Right now all I can think of is when I fell off my bike but nobody saw me so it wasn't embarrassing.

Seth wants to know what is your favorite kind of pie?

-Pumpkin all the way! Just make sure there's whip cream. Or whipped cream.

What is your companion's halloween costume?

-Not sure yet...We'll see. Maybe we'll all be mariachis. That'd be sick!

What is your companion's name?

-E. Kinyon for one more day. Then I get my shoobie!

Alright that's all folks! Catch ya on the flip side!

Elder Resendez

Monday, October 8, 2012

8 October 2012

Hey Family and Friends!

I hope you loved conference (this past weekend was a church-wide service that we call conference) as much as I did! That missionary announcement was insane! (They announced that the age for missionaries would be lowered from 19 to 18 for boys and from 21 to 19 for girls.) It's weird to think that if I had left right after high school I would be done by now! I think it's a great idea because there's a limbo period after high school and before a mission that can be dangerous. So I think it's a great idea and I kinda wish I could have done that myself. As for sister missionaries, I think it's good that they lowered the age but it is important to remember that a mission is a priesthood duty. Therefore, a mission is only a possibility (not a duty) for girls and I think the prophet and apostles made that pretty clear which is good. A mission is not easy at all and I have seen too many sisters leave early so please, make sure you a ready if you decide to go!

With that said, it's definitely going to be weird having sisters younger than me in the field and also having 18 year old elders.

Hey Seth, you better be going on a mission as soon as you can or I'll take you out! Same to you Papi! Right once you graduate, I'm shipping you off!

So which of my friends said they would be going now? Let me know because this is big news and I feel super out of the loop!

So some Q's:

How was Lorreny's baptism? It was fun to think about you at the very time you were doing it. Is her mom taking the discussions?

-It was awesome!!!!! We did it right in between sessions so during the last session when they talked about being baptized it hit closer to home for her which was awesome. She was so ready for baptism, she really was just waiting on us. I will send some pics next week because I'm in the apple section of Best Buy right now ;)

What is the big news?

-One word, Nunya. :)

What do you want for Christmas?

-I have no clue, give some time to think! It's only the beginning of October!

How do you get along with your companion? Does he have a supportive family?

-We get along pretty well! He is very athletic and can do the splits which is funny. We really help each other to become better which is very important. Yes, his family is very supportive, so are the 10 girls that write to him haha.

Do you guys need anything?

-Ummm.......nope I don't think so. Maybe some magical Spanish skills would be nice. Oh wait, we already have that.

What are your neighbors like?

-We only have our landlord upstairs that ever talks to us. They're Mexican and the wife's maiden name is Resendez, but I haven't been able to talk to her about that yet. Our other neighbors have hookah parties and ride longboards down the giant hill.

What do you do on P days?

-Aside from email in Best Buy, we play bball, write letters and anything else. The zone leaders are coming down today so we are going to have a lot of fun!

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

-Definitely telekinesis. I think that's the one where you move stuff with your mind. That'd be sick. That or be deadpool but not ugly like he is.

Well I gotta run but thank you for your prayers and junk! Watch conference again for me and send me the conference ensign when it comes out please!

Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October 2012

Orrale Homes!

Woo! This week was very very interesting! I can't tell you exactly why right now. I'll tell you when you're older. But we had a lot happen this week like interviews with President Wilkey, information on Lorreny's baptism, some awesome letters from some awesome friends, a sweet new family to teach, and more!

So first off here are this week's questions:

Is your favorite color still purple? (It's one of mine - Seth)
-Hmmm.....yes I think it is. Red and blue are cool but purple is psychadelic!

How do you get to your new area when you are transferred?
-We get a member to drive us to Manchester for transfer meeting and then we get a member to drive us to our new area. It sounds simple but it gets very complicated!

Do your companions like the Cowboys? (2-1)
-Sadly no. I guess you could say that "many are called but few are chosen."

Do they like the cardinals? (3-0)
-Nope, my comp E. Kinyon likes the Seahawks and 49ers (when they win) haha

Do they even like football?
-Yea! E. Kinyon wants to play for BYU when he gets home so he's pretty big into football.

How do you find out about football scores?
-Connections haha. It's a great way to start talking to LA's or nonmembers on Sunday. Usually the husband of a member named Alberto gives us updates or our main man Julio Calderon.

What would you want/need for Christmas?
-Hmmm....this one will take some thinking. Let me get back to you.

Who cuts your hair? Do you go somewhere?
-Usually a dominican barber. We go to a barbershop to get it cut so we can get a "line up". Look those up if you don't know what they are, they're sweet!

Well that's all the questions! Keep them coming!

This week we had interviews with President Wilkey and they were pretty intense. He had given a lesson in the last zone conference about removing the "dust" in our lives to become better missionaries. Basically dust is small things that we let go by that can build up and will eventually explode. So in our interviews he straight up asked all of us what kind of "dust" we had in our lives and then we worked to remove it. So basically we all got called to repentance, which is good but it kinda hurts at the same time. My "dust" was waking up on time (Ya I know Dad, surprise surprise...haha) so he recommitted me to waking up at or before 6:30 everyday and I have done a lot better. Plus E. Kinyon and I just started busting out some P90X each day so that will help us to get up. Or it will make us more tired and sleep in more... Some missionaries got called out big time so I'm glad my dust wasn't as bad.

We also got news from Bishop Morales that Lorreny has permission to be baptized in our ward!!!! So her baptism is set for Oct 7 at 3 pm. Right in between sessions of conference so it's going to be super memorable! She's seriously so solid in the gospel, it's amazing! This week we also found a lady named Iliana who had seen a couple of videos about the church and was very interested in learning more. When we stopped by to set up an appt with her we ended up teaching her and her 3 kids, all over 18, for almost 2 hours! Then Iliana and one of her daughters came to church the next day and seemed to like it! They are such a cool family, I'm excited to see them again!

I can't believe it's October already! I can remember last October like it was yesterday!

Oh and Happy Birthday Seth! You finally made it to double digits! It's about time, you're already 6 feet tall! Have a great birthday bro, hot lava you!

Thanks for all of the letters you send Mom!

Something cool that I noticed this week is that people are starting to refer to me as being part hispanic instead of just white! Yea!!!!!

Last night a LA said a word that E. Kinyon didn't know and when he asked what it was she told him not to say that word, "because to them (pointing at me and referring to Mexicans) it is a swear word." Yea!!!! Haha I'm getting some street cred! Watch out, by the time I get home you won't be able to recognize me. I'll be that hispanic!

Oh and last but not least, the answer to the poll is........allergies! At least that's what I think it was. Either way, so not the drama. Thanks for all the love and support from you all!

Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012


I don't know about all of you but we had an AMAZING week! It was full of awesome miracles, Lawrence has really caught on fire! So far this transfer we have been hitting many of our standards but this past week we hit all of them!

We almost hit an old "legendary" standard called the 4-6-10-5 which we missed by 1 member lesson. Basically we have 4 baptismal dates, 6 people at church, 10 member lessons (but we had 9), and 5 new investigators. We were running around like crazy last night trying to find someone to teach to get that last member lesson. We almost hit it but our Sunday night member lesson dropped us...we were devastated haha. But it's ok, we will just hit it next week!

We have really been blessed with a lot of great success and a lot of it has come from the work of the members. In fact, each of the people at church yesterday came with a member. See how awesome it is when members are missionaries? They're better than us!

The only "dark cloud" from this past week has been with Lorreny... She's doing great, she's ready for baptism now and her mom even came to church with her. The bad part is that she lives in Lowell which is outside of the mission. That means that she might now be able to go to our ward once she is baptized. It could even mean that she has to be baptized over in Lowell. It stinks because this is exactly what happened with Ben in Skowhegan and it's tough because the ward has really rallied around her. She has so much support here but we do understand the complications of the situation. But....I have to admit that I still pray that she comes here haha.

I am not sure if I have talked about Elias yet but he is super cool, he's the one who did some jail time and got lyme disease. Well, he came to church on Sunday (finally!) and seemed to love it! He's a very religious guy and would make an excellent priesthood holder!

I'm super stoked about so many people I don't have time to talk about them all! But, I do have some questions to answer so here they are:

Please clarify the eye-punching-by-a-Guatemalan-guy story.
-I tried to contact some Guatemalan and I guess I said something "incorrectly" and he didn't like it. It wasn't a big deal though, my face is fine now.

What happened to your other companion? Did he get transferred somewhere? I thought you were in a trio in your last letter.
-Elder Rodriguez? Well technically he's still my comp but a different missionary bursted his appendix so they had to do a temporary transfer until he recovers. So Elder Rodriguez is in Manchester for now. He should be back soon and by next transfer at the latest. But yes, "technically" we are still in a trio but not physically.

Is it getting cooler there or is it still hot? Does it rain a lot?
-It has gotten much cooler. The weather is perfect right now, I love it! The leaves are starting to change too so I'm excited! It doesn't rain very much, which is nice because the rain makes it hot and humid.

Do you guys celebrate Halloween? Are you allowed to dress up? What are you going to be? What should Gemma be?
-Why yes, as Mormons we do celebrate common holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. But as missionaries we usually have an early curfew on Halloween night so we can't go trick or treating. Ummm....we can kind of dress up yes. Like a hat or something maybe. Not to proselyte but to a ward party, sure. Currently I'm searching for a mexican poncho and sombrero and possibly some maracas. As for you, Mal, and Gemma...You should totally be a person from Alien! Mal you can be the poor astronaut who was injected with the alien baby and Gemma can be the alien that bursts out of you! Cute right? I definitely need a picture of that! Make sure to get the make up just right so it looks real.

Well thanks for all of the support and love that you give me! Tell my "Primos" on missions that I love them and to keep up the work. Oh and keep me in the loop about stuff back home!

Nos Vemos!
Elder Resendez

Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September 2012

Hey Hey Hey!

I don't know about all of you but I have had an awesome week! We have seen a lot of progression with those that we are teaching and we have added more solid people to our pool which is even better. So...I have some questions to answer so here we go! :

Did Ben get baptized?
-Last I heard Ben from Skowhegan is doing great! The missionaries lost contact with him but they got back in touch and he is on track to getting baptized if he hasn't already! I'm going to try to get pictures of his baptism if I can.

Is the 13 year old girl still on track for baptism? What is her name?
-Yes! We taught her yesterday and she is super solid. I told a joke during the lesson and she laughed so hard that she cried so that was pretty funny. Her name is Lorreny btw. She's right on track for her baptismal date Oct 7 in between conference sessions!

Are your other baptisms looking good?
-Fa sho! The other two are for Oct 28, they are brothers of a LA and their names are Elias and Melvin. They're dominican and super cool and funny. Elias is very spiritual because of a stint he did in jail and Melvin isn't super religious but now he's turning a leaf and understands everything we teach him.

What is the best thing church members can do to help the missionaries in their area?
-3 things, study Preach my gospel everyday, give the missionaries referrals(and go teach the people you refer with the missionaries!), and FELLOWSHIP! If you see someone new at church, go talk to them! They're probably an investigator or a less active member. Oh and feeding the missionaries is good too haha.

Have you had any physical confrontations?
Ya, some Guatemalan guy punched me in the eye, that's why it was swollen. Other than that we haven't had anything. You only get trouble when you look for it or look like it. So even though we're the only white guys in the whole city, we don't get messed with. Honestly, white people are the ones who mess with you most so I like it here haha. It might help that we're both over 6'2" but whatever.

What food do you make well now?
I honestly eat fruit and yogurt and occasionally some beans. Then whatever other people make so my cooking skills are pretty bad...My diet is pretty boring, that's why I feast on the scriptures!

Do you keep your apartment clean?
Uh..............no comment.

Do you ever get to drive?
No. We don't have a car here. Plus only the senior comp drives so in Manchester and Skowhegan I didn't drive either.

Do you ride bikes anymore?
Yes...I'm actually starting to kind of like bikes. Except that you get crazy sweaty after 10 minutes cuz all of NE is a giant hill. Plus our bikes are in terrible shape and mine was made for a woman. Other than that they're alright.

Do you get to see ward members (like the Demers) when you go back to New Hampshire for meetings?
No, unless they're at the meetings. But I think I'll go back to Manchvegas one day.

Are you loving the fall colors?
Um....they haven't really started yet so I can't say much on that. Plus being in a city might kill some of the fall fun but I'll take some pics when I can!

Thanks for all the questions! Keep them coming, it gives me some structure to my ramblings. Oh and Happy Birthday Uncle Ric! And congrats to Didge! Peru is going to be super sweet man! I'm excited for you! Cohen get ready for New Mexico!
So...the big highlight this week. INTERNATIONAL NIGHT!!!!! It was so sweet! It was seriously the coolest ward party ever! They had food from countries like the DR(Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and America! Elder Kinyon and I set up the America room. At first we just had a flag and some animal crackers but people kept donating stuff to us that by the end we had jell-o, fish, mac and cheese, and popcorn. It was great! We also had a talent show that was hilarious! Everyone had a great time and we had a lot of investigators and LA's in attendance. I'll be sure to send some pics and vids next time! The funniest part was when Mexico was performing a dance and song because the old Branch Prez Hermano Lembert from the DR was sitting next to us and he was going crazy. He was yelling and singing along and jumping up and down and waving his arms in the air. It was so funny, we started singing along and getting into it with him. It was so funny, people liked it too cuz they didn't want to see some lame gringos sitting there all bored. It was such a sweet night!

More questions! :
So, tell me, what is your area like?
-A city. We walk everywhere and have a great time. We are always busy teaching someone or walking to our next appointment. It's the most fruitful spot in the mission!

Do you drive or have bikes or walk?
-Walk most days but bike when we need to.

Is it like here where there are big shopping centers or is it a bunch of little shops and stuff?
-Mainly Bodegas. But there are big stores in Methuen so we go to those on Pdays.

Where do you get your groceries?
-Market basket or walmart. Depends on what we feel like doing.

Who feeds you?
-EVERYONE. Strangers on the street give us food. One lady walked past us and just handed me some corn and told me to eat it. So I did. Thankfully I haven't died yet so I think it was clean.

Do you get enough to eat?
-Yes! We eat too much if anything. We have member meals most nights of the week. The members are awesome!

Do you like the food?
-I love it! The best thing is queso frito! You need to try it if you haven't. Also, platanos are super delish!

How are your companions?
-Great! I get along with all of them. Right now there's only Elder Kinyon and I in Lawrence but I have liked all of my comps so far.

How is your Spanish?
-A lot better. I still have a long ways to go but if I stay here for a while I'll definitely get it down pretty good. Oh, and if any of you want to send me supplies to help, I won't complain haha. I'm looking for a dictionary right now and a verb book. I left mine in skowhegan so I can't get them back for now.

Well, I love ALL of you! Keep up the missionary work and keep the commandments! Oh, and stay classy.

Elder Resendez

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 September 2012


Sorry I didn't send a letter last week, it was Labor Day or something like that so we were writing letters to President Wilkey from Best Buy. The workers at the store were breathing down my neck so I decided not to write a letter home.

But....I survived transfers! For now.... We lost Elder Morgan to Argentina 2 weeks ago so Elder Rodriguez, Elder Busby and I were in a trio but on transfer call night they told us that we would be receiving another companion. So things were supposed to go back to normal but then on Monday we got a call from President and he told us that Elder Busby was being transferred to help with an emergency that happened. So we lost Elder Busby and at transfer meeting we got a new district leader/companion.

His name is Elder Kinyon from Bountiful. He's pretty cool and goes home in January so he'll probably finish up his mission here in Lawrence. So we're back to a trio which is cool but scary at the same time. We could get a call at any time saying that one of us is being transferred. If that happened we would have no idea who would be leaving. It would probably be me or Elder Rodriguez but his Spanish is the best so I think he would stay. So just pray that we never get that call!!!!

And yes I am with Elder Rodriguez again, he is the only comp I have had for more than one transfer haha.

So things have been pretty crazy here in Lawrence, we had the Italian festival this past week which was sweet! They shut down an entire street and put up a stage for a band and tons of booths. People came over from Boston and all over to come see the festival. We got some pictures of it so I'll send them soon!

This week we have the international festival at the church on Saturday. I don't know if I have told you about it but the international festival is put on by the members of our ward. Since there are a lot of members from different countries they have a big party to celebrate being Hispanic. So what they do is they bring food and stuff from their country and set it up in different rooms of the church and in the gym they set up a stage and play bachata and stuff like that. It's the biggest ward party ever! I'm so excited for it! I'll definitely take lots of pictures and videos for you all.

The work here is going great! We have three baptismal dates and one of them is a 13 year old girl who read all of 1 Nephi in two days and prayed about it. She knows it's true and is planning on being baptized in between conference sessions on October 7! She reminds me of Ben from Skowhegan who read to Alma 30 in a week. She has the same love for the gospel and is progressing really well. Oh and we found her through members! Go figure! Members are #1!

It sounds like things back home are doing well, how's Seth liking the class rep gig? Have they started sports? If so, which ones? What else is new, it seems like there's something new each week so keep me posted!

Things are great on my end, if any of you have questions let my mom know and I'll answer them!

My Spanish is coming along nicely, my goal right now is to master the subjunctive tense! It's wicked tough but people use it all the time so I got to get after it.

Thanks for all the support!

Elder Resendez

Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August 2012

Mele Kalikimaka!

Thanks for all of your beautiful letters and words of encouragement! I appreciate all of them!

So this week we had zone conference up in Augusta, Maine and it was pretty good. It was another chance to see President so that's always a great experience.

This was also Elder Morgan's last week in the NHMM, he left for Argentina yesterday and is probably up in a plane somewhere right now. He was a great missionary and we got along really well. He's definitely going to tear it up over in Argentina, I can't wait to hear how it goes once he gets home. So in preparation for his departure we did some fun stuff like going to the chinese buffet, playing some bball, taking funny pictures, and other stuff.

We are now in a trio so Elder Rodriguez is my comp once again! We expect that we will get a new companion next week (this is the last week of the transfer) so we are making guesses as to who it will be. I think it will be a native speaker which would be sweet except that if he is with Elder Rodriguez then they are going to get all of the love and we won't get any cuz we're gringos. So we are having fun making predictions.

I think I told you that our district is named the swag house district so to live up to the name our apartment bought a bunch of du rags and took some pictures with them. This is one of the pics that we took with our guns and du rags. The other pictures are us at transfer meeting with Elder Adams, who goes home in a week, and me with a swollen eye. I think I got allergies or something cuz my eye swelled up for a couple of days. It was super weird but it's back to normal now so tell Mal not to freak out.

This week we had an awesome lesson with the De Jesus family. We invited the wife to be baptized and she accepted and began to cry. She told us that she had received an answer to her prayers. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately her husband said no when we invited him so that was a bummer. But he's awesome so he'll get there sometime soon! So please pray for them, they're so close! They just struggle with coming to church so once they overcome that they will go far!

So this week we were walking down the street on the way to our ward mission leaders house when these two little girls ran up to us. They were about 3 or 4 and they started asking us questions about why we were dressed up and who we were. Then they started grabbing our ties and yanking them down, so we decided to leave and started walking away. Then I turned around and said goodbye to them. In return the little girls said goodbye back but in explicit language! We totally got cussed out by some 3 year old girls! It was so funny but we couldn't laugh about it until we got farther away cuz we didn't want them to think it was ok to cuss out missionaries. So that was the highlight of my week haha.

I gotta go!

Love you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 August 2012

Que lo que!

Have I ever said how much I love Lawrence? I hope so but if I haven't, I LOVE LAWRENCE! It's the best, I keep telling people that I'm going to move back here after my mission and they all think I'm crazy.

People keep telling me that my Spanish is "pretty good" and they're surprised at how good it is. But of course that means that it's bad instead of terrible haha so I appreciate their compliment but my head hasn't gotten too big just yet.

So this is Elder Morgan's last week here in the NHMM so we are going to work crazy hard and party crazy hard! Last night we had a ward activity at Hermano Lembert's house. One investigator named Eddy came and brought his family and they loved it! We had a lesson on family prayer, scrip study, and family home evening. Then at the end the families got up one by one and gave their testimonies to the group. I was so surprised when Eddy, who has been taught for 3 months or so, got up with his less active girlfriend and bore testimony of the church. His testimony was so strong and the conviction in his heart was visible in his eyes. Then his girlfriend bore testimony as well and talked about how once they are married, there's some legal things in the way right now, that Eddy will be baptized! I was so stoked when I heard that! So things are going great with them.

On the flip side we lost about 4 investigators this week. It was a tough week but it paid off in the end. We are just going to do our best to talk to EVERYONE we see!

As for Olga, we haven't been able to see her at all which is a bummer. She said she would be at church but didn't end up coming. So we may end up dropping her soon, which I really don't want to do. But we did have a sweet lesson with Jose and Trisha. We have been teaching them since I got to Lawrence and they are great! Trisha is more solid than Jose but they are both awesome! For our lesson with them on friday, they bought us pizza and soda and we had a pizza party! Jose is still iffy on the Book of Mormon but we really stressed to him the importance of reading it and praying about it before scrapping the idea. But he also said that if he didn't like what we were saying that he would have ditched us weeks ago. So he obviously feels the spirit during lessons, he just needs a little more time.

Well, I'm loving it over here so don't worry too much about me! Make it a great week and I'll see you later!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Sorry today's is a short one.

13 August 2012


This week has been pretty busy so I will try to cram it all in! On Tuesday we had a specialized zone meeting in Exeter so we got to hear from President and Sister Wilkey again which is always sweet! They talked about the importance of member present lessons. They shared Alma 31:5 with us and said that the word of God will not only affect those we teach but the members we bring. It will inspire them to serve their callings more faithfullly, to do more missionary work, to read the scriptures on a daily basis, and much more. All of this comes from bringing them to a lesson and involving them in the process of conversion. And guess what...it works!

We took two members out last week and after the lesson they were going back and forth about the lesson. They were all amped up and ready to do some sweet missionary work!

We also had a surprise visit at church from President Wilkey and some of his family. They had picked up their daughter and her family from the airport and wanted to come to church so ours was the closest. So we had to scramble around to find an interpreter and the headphones so they could understand. It was pretty fun and they had a great time. Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church. That would have been an amazing experience for them to meet President Wilkey. But I guess we just gotta work twice as hard this week!

I think my favorite non-spiritual part of being a missionary is the privilege you have of meeting different people. Whenever you knock on a door you never know what you're going to get. It's always a surprise. This week we contacted a potential investigator and her 18 and 19 year old sons answered it. They were clearly high as a kite and so we had a pretty entertaining conversation with them. One guy seemed slightly interested, obviously for another time, but his brother kept telling him we were from the government there to control his mind. Then their friend came out onto the porch and the 18 year old brother started yelling at him to get off of his porch. He would switch from asking us gospel questions to yelling at his friend to get off his porch. It was probably the funniest experience yet, I literally felt like I was watching a movie. I have to admit that once I knew they were high I messed with them a little bit. Not much, just enough to make it worth our time haha. I know, I'm a bad missionary.

We also taught this other potential who sees ghosts and junk. I'm pretty sure he was lying and is slightly mentally handicapped but he told us about 5 or 6 different ghost stories during our 30 minute lesson. Everytime I would talk to him he would look at me, but when he did that he would see a man sitting in a chair in the corner of his eye. So when he saw the man he would whip his head to the side to try to catch the man. Then he would freak out that his mom's rocking chair was swinging when it wasn't. He was freaked out but he was also laughing at the same time. I decided that since we were missionaries we should help him out. So I asked him if he had a vaccuum that I could put on my back. I told him I would be a ghostbuster and get rid of all the ghosts in his place, but unfortunately he didn't have a vaccuum so I told him he was on his own. He was super funny and nice but not interested in our message so we probably won't stop by again. But I'll never forget those two encounters.

Now that I've said most of the funny stuff, here's the spiritual side! I don't know if I told you but the guy in Manchester that I was teaching about 3 months ago got baptized! His name is Ken and I found him just walking on the street. We taught him for a while and gave him a baptismal date but then 2 weeks later I was ETed out of there and missed his baptism....But Elders Rodriguez and Morgan were there so I got to see all of the pictures!

It was such a good feeling to see how he had progressed. I'll try to get some pictures for you all. I especially love Ken's story because E. Rodriguez was wanting to drop him but I could tell that there was more potential so I convinced him to keep teaching Ken. Then about a month and a half later he was baptized! It makes me happy to look back and see how reacting to promptings really is the best way. Not to say E. Rodriguez isn't prompted, the Holy Ghost just talks to both of us and most of the time my comp hears it but that time I heard it and it paid off. So I am still stoked about that!

Two more things, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I think I forgot to say that so it's about time I showed some love. Also, have any of you seen the hispanic scripture cases? They are bright colors and have patterns and designs on them. Well, everyone has them here and they're super legit so someone needs to tell me how I can get my hands on a pair of those! Thanks for everything! Write me when you can!

Elder Resendez

P.S. You know how the Manchvegas apartment was super disgusting? Well when E. Rodriguez and E. Morgan left it the other missionaries complained so those two had to go back last p day to clean it up for 3 hours haha I got away scotch free! (Scotch free is a saying right?)

P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of pics, I'll get some next week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Agosto 2011


Greetings from scenic Lawrence, Mass! This past week has been awesome! We have been working pretty hard but we have been blessed with many opportunities have fun and see miracles.

We have been finding like crazy over here! In the last two weeks we have found 17 new investigators! Unfortunately a lot of them won't keep their commitments so we have to keep finding like crazy but if we keep it up then I know we'll find someone who is ready for the gospel. Of course I feel like we have already found them. I love the people that we are teaching, it's hard to not get attached but it helps you to be more sincere in your efforts.

On Saturday we tracted into this awesome lady named Olga. She has two kids named Ariel and Anthony, both of them are young men. Ariel is 14 and is interested in the Book of Mormon and church activities and his mom even said that if we have an activity that we should call her and she'll make Ariel go haha. Well we tracted into them and at first they were very hesitant but after a couple of seconds, literally seconds, Olga invited us in for "a few minutes." After about 30 minutes she was super friendly to us and she even said that peace entered her home as we taught our lesson. She is excited to read the BOM and is looking forward to learning more! So pray for her please!

This week we also got to go see a dance performance put on by BYU-Idaho. It was freakin sweet! It was so fun to take investigators to an activity where we can just fellowship and have a good time while also sneaking in some gospel principles. We brought a man named Eddy, his LA wife Nora and her son Eduardo. Eddy is about to marry Nora and then he will be baptized after. Then Eduardo is going to be baptized! We are very excited for them as well! Lawrence is the best!

But back to the dance concert, it was super legit! We sat up in the front and a couple of the dancers said after that they could tell that we were the missionaries because the Lawrence apartment was sitting together. So they saw four white shirts in a row and instantly knew who we were.

All of the girls on the dancing team tried asking for my address but I told them that I was busy serving the Lord so they would have to wait. I hate breaking hearts but somebody's gotta do it.

Oh and Mal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You thought I forgot didn't you? Guess again! And to settle your mind, the old Lawrence elders were sick because one has stomach problems. So don't worry about me, I'm more than ok.

Also, does anyone know a Morales family from Costa Rica? The bishop here is Bishop Morales and he is a Tico. So there may be a connection there that I don't know about, so you should look into that. He's an awesome man. He's very friendly and helpful to the missionaries and has our backs no matter what. He's also perfectly bilingual so if we don't understand something he can help us, plus it helps him to have patience with us lousy gringos.

Speaking of which, I hate being a gringo! I need some tips on how to improve my Spanish and to get rid of my gringo accent. So please send me some tips and tricks!

My Spanish is getting better everyday but it's definitely not easy. Especially when you are talking to Dominicans. They talk sooooo fast, slur words together and use a ton of slang. If you know someone who is Dominican, try speaking to them in Spanish. It's crazy difficult to understand them. But that's how I want to talk so I guess I can't really say too much.

Oh and mom, you know how I sent that box home full of my Spanish stuff? That was a mistake in more than one way haha. Could you please tell me what I put in there? Gracias!

Well not much has happened other than that...Oh! Elder Morgan got his visa this past week and is leaving for Argentina August 27! I'm happy that he finally got it but I'm sad to see him go. Oh well, now I'm just the lowest gringo on the totem pole.

I love you all and hope you don't forget about me!! Haha! Thanks for the prayers and everything else you do for me!

Elder Resendez

Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012


So I think I asked for guesses for transfers and I only got one. That was pretty lame so now my letters aren't going to be fun and interactive, they're just going to be lame and boring... (What else is new right? I know someone was thinking that haha.)

Now it's time for the big news! I have been transferred to.........LAWRENCE!!! I made it to the big leagues!

My new comp is Elder Busby from Tucson, AZ who has been here for three transfers. He and his last comp were sick for most of last transfer so we are pretty much shotgunning the area. And they just opened the other Lawrence area and put Elder Rodriguez and Elder Morgan in it! We all share an apartment too! This is going to be the sickest transfer!!!! I'm so stoked for it, sometimes I wake up and it doesn't seem real.

My Spanish has gotten so much better over the last week that I've been here. I think I have progressed more this week than all of my time in Manchester. I seriously love Lawrence so much, it's the best area of the mission! So now my goal is to get wicked sick with my Spanish skills so President keeps me here for 6 months or more haha.

The ward here is so cool too, they throw the sweetest ward parties and are really good at fellowshipping. Plus they LOVE the missionaries, even the gringos! Oh, and the entire ward is in Spanish, so it's pretty legit up in here. The people here are so nice too, about three out of every five people say we can stop by another time to teach them. That's seriously unheard of, especially in New England. So if you can't tell, I'm on cloud nine right now, partyin it up in Lawrence!

So now I'm back to learning Spanish, especially Dominican Spanish. I'm also going to learn how to play dominoes, all the Dominicans play it here so I'm trying to get my game up so I can play some prosminoes (proselyting dominoes).

I don't have a whole lot of time to write today but please send me letters! Things are great here. My comp is cool, I am in the best area of the mission, learning Spanish, and having fun teaching the gospel.

So on Saturday we had a super sweet miracle. We were walking down the street and this car pulls up and this guys yells to us and asks if we want a ride. We say sure and get in and it turns out that he's a member from Methuen who recognized Elder Busby. He drove us to our next appointment, bought us some Subway on the way and gave us each 20 bucks! It was so sweet haha! He even asked if we needed more money than that. Turns out he's running for state senate so he's got some money or whatever and can do things like that.

Here in Lawrence we have a phrase when people offer us stuff, we say aprovecho! I don't know what it means but it means to take advantage of the situation, so that's what we did haha! We always say that they will get blessings for helping us so it all works out.

I'm so happy about Papi's ordination! That's awesome! Did he get to pass the sacrament this week or is that next week?

Oh, and I forgot to mention this but that's insane about Becky Great! I had no idea she was dating anyone, I feel out of the loop big time haha. Let me know what else is going down in AZ or wherever else. Well, I gotta go but write me a letter sometime! I love you all!

Nos Vemos,
Elder Resendez

Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 2012


Knock knock! Who's there...? Me! I'm getting transferred!

So it turns out that my suspicions were correct and I am now being transferred after only two months in Skowhegan. It really feels like I just got here. It makes it hard to develop a great relationship with the ward after only two months. But President Wilkey said I'm going to love my new area so that makes me feel good. Cuz if president told me I was going to hate it I would be really scared.

I'm being transferred but I am staying junior companion. I thought I was going to become a senior companion because president asked me two different times if I was preparing for a leadership role but I guess I'm not there yet. Which is fine because there's still plenty of work to be done no matter what your "rank" is.

So we get to head down to Manchvegas tomorrow for transfer meeting to find out where I will be for the rest of summer. Oh, and since I'm driving all the way to Manchester, that means I will (more than likely) be leaving Maine. If I was staying in Maine then they would just drive me to my new area so I guess I'm going far away. I'm not a Mainerd anymore!!

I also found out that Elder Garner and his comp, Elder Chen are being shotgunned. I guess that ward is not super "missionary-friendly" so they are trying to make a change to improve the relationship. Elder Chen and Elder Garner are awesome but I think President is going to send one of his assistants to that area to settle things down. So our district is losing half of it's missionaries.

I'm really excited to see my new area, there's a chance I might get sent to Mass (which would be awesome) but I could also go anywhere in Vermont or New Hampshire. Today while doing my laundry I decided that I would let my laundry quarters decide my fate. So I looked at them to see what state would be my new area and no joke, the first three I found were Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. So I really have no idea where I'm going to be sent haha, my gypsy quarters didn't work. It was pretty trippy to have all three be a possibility.

As for Skowvegas, things have slowed down a little but we still have three people working towards baptism. But aside from those three there aren't really any investigators so the new missionaries gotta step their game up and find some new gators. I'm not too happy to be leaving everyone so soon, especially Christian because he'll take it hard but that's why as missionaries you try to get them attached to the ward. We have a ton of less-active's here in Skowhegan so we have our hands full with them but this week we had five less-actives at church! It was sweet as! One of them rode his bike for 2-3 hours just to get there!

Well I have pretty much only two things on my mind right now, the first being transfers. The second is my bro's birthday! You better wish my bro happy birthday on saturday or else... Hey Papi, as you're playing laser tag just ask yourself, "what would Perseus do?" If you don't get it then watch sasquatch gang! I love you all and I will have a lot of news for you all next week!


Elder Resendez

P.S. Hey mom, your bday is the same as Joseph Smith Sr.'s!!

Monday, July 16, 2012



Hey everyone it's my mom's birthday! So tell her happy birthday for me!

So aside from this week being my mom's birthday as well as Friday the 13th, it still rocked! We didn't have a ton of success with our numbers but we had so many miracles! So if I didn't tell you about Ben last week then I'm going to tell you about him right now!

He is 15 and he showed up at church last week with a member and during the third hour we taught him the restoration. He loved it and was genuinely interested. He committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. Well as awesome as he was, I had no idea what I was in for. We met with him again yesterday and in a week he had read from the title page to Alma 30! That's over half of the Book of Mormon! On top of that he actually prayed sincerely about it and got an answer that it's true! It didn't come the first time he prayed but it definitely came the second time after he had put forth some effort to know for himself if it was true. He was surprised at how fast everything had happened and he is looking forward to being baptized! He could be baptized by the end of the month! That is one of the greatest miracles I have seen yet!

I think teaching youth is so much better than adults because youth take advice and don't give lame excuses. And when they decide to do something, they do it. So I'm on a pretty good spiritual high right now if you can't tell haha. I'm hoping that I'm here to see him be baptized but you never know, transfer calls are this saturday and President's pretty sneaky...

So guess what, being a missionary is awesome. It can stink to be away from home and friends but when you do what you're supposed to and put your heart in it, there's no greater feeling. If you ever think about not serving a mission, stop right there and just do it. It is worth every moment and it is worth every sacrifice you make. So serve a mission darnit! Haha that about sums it all up in apostolic language.

This week we had a fireside with the youth and the bishop gave an awesome lesson on repentance. My favorite thing about his lesson is that repentance is a good thing. We need it. Without it we cannot get closer to God because repentance literally means aligning ourselves with God's will and coming closer to Him. He also talked about how repentance in this body is at least 10 times easier than after we die. So don't waste your time, just get things done now so you can be happy! Also, read the Miracle of Forgiveness, it's wicked sick and it makes you happier. So do it.

Well I love you all, I don't have much time today but I really appreciate your letters of love and support. Especially the Lindsay 3rd ward activity days girls! You rock!

Also, DJ is way cooler than Cohen. Treyson, I mean Elder Lewis, has missionary goggles.

Later Vaders!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Love you Mom!
P.P.S. Tell the rugrats to write to me!

Monday, July 9, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! (Anybody see that UFO?)


First off, go on to mormon.org right now! Then search for someone either named Treyson, Leif, or Wesley Walden. Do it right now! Guess what, you found me!

This week has been sweet as! Well kind of... The work here in Skowhegan is going great! We have four baptismal dates with two really close to being set. We could have about five or six baptisms next month! That's insane! The best part is that most of the baptisms in this ward are youth, the youth here are number one!

So this week we had 3 gators(investigators) and 6 LA's (less active members) at church! That's the most I've ever seen for either category, it was so good that it was bad. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing right? Well it turns out that one LA family doesn't like another LA family and they both happened to come to church on the same day... Both of them left right after sacrament saying that they wouldn't come back to church if the other was there. It's a rough situation that totally popped our balloons. So now we have that to work with. But other than that we have had a great week! Plus I found out that I will be going on exchanges again with Elder Garner next week so I will be sure to take some sweet pictures this time!

So the best part of this week was Interviews with President Wilkey! We traveled to Bangor and spent most of the day there doing interviews and other trainings. At times I wonder if President could get any more awesome and inspiring, and then he does it. It was the best 15 minutes of my life during that interview, it made me want to serve even harder and to do my best with everything. I wish I could explain what an interview is like but it's just indescribable. President did hint at a couple of things that may occur in the future but I don't want to jynx myself or look dumb so I will just hold off for now.

This week I got to watch three amazing videos that all of you need to watch! But especially you, Papi and Seth. You guys need to have mom help you watch these videos right now. First is called Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland. It's a conference talk from back in Oct 2009 I believe. Then the other two are found on mormonchannel.org and they are called, Power of God (three minutes long) and Sanctify Yourselves (four minutes long). Those are soooo awesome! Stop reading this and watch them right now!

With the 4th of July coming up, I was excited for another parade or something cool like that but nothing happened! I was so disappointed.. We didn't even get to watch fireworks. We did have dinner with a family but they were all tired and just gave us food and took naps. It was kinda awkward to be eating in someone's house while they are asleep. But then the dad woke up and showed us some awesome pictures from his mission so that was okay.

Guess what, this week I learned how to iron a shirt! It's wicked easy, I don't know what all the jazz was about. Plus I learned how to cook beef. And we made some delicious oreo truffles for our FHE (family home evening) night at the church. They were off the chain! I'm going to get the recipe so you all can make them and enjoy them yourselves.

During these past few months I have done many incredible things but recently I achieved my greatest feat yet. When we teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (it's a specific lesson), I like to draw a picture of how steps like Faith, Repentance, Baptism, etc lead us back to God. Well I was pondering one day when I had the greatest brainblast, I decided to make a Mario themed Gospel visual! I started drawing it and it's the best thing ever! It has goombas, plants that eat you, stars, yoshi, all the good stuff! So I'm in the middle of perfecting my visual but so far it's amazing! I'll be sure to take a picture of it to show all of you because it's so great!

Things here in Skowhegan are going well, we have the usual ups and downs but we are having too many miracles and too much success to be ungrateful. I love you all and I challenge you to write me a letter this week! Toodaloo!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Oh and I found some CD's that I really like so if anyone feels special and wants to get me one of them that would be pretty dang righteous of them. Some CD's that I have come to enjoy are Priests (just 3 catholic priests singing), Nearer, Eclipse (that's the name of the group), One Voice by Gladys Knight, Men of MOTAB, Motab featuring Sissell (Christmas CD), and Come Thou Fount. Those are some of my faves but it's just a thought.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2 July 2012


Is it me or is it crazy that I have been out for nearly 7 months now? I know that isn't very much for some people but it feels like I just barely left home and my time in Manchester went by like a flash. I also can't believe that this transfer is halfway over, in a little more than 2 weeks we will be stressing again to see if we get a transfer call. But that is why I do my best to take it one day at a time, so today I am in Skowhegan and it's a beautiful day!

This week has been pretty sweet, we had 2 investigators at church and both of them have baptismal dates (both for August 11). I'm not sure if I talked about them last week but we found a kid who is the son of a less-active woman. So we started teaching him and then his friends wanted to join. Then his sister wanted to join. So now we have 3 12 year old investigators and one 10 year old. We are doing as much as we can to keep them interested in the gospel and the church while at the same time making sure that their desires are pure and that they aren't into church because it's "cool". So it's a tricky situation but I strongly believe that they will be baptized on their date, if not sooner. I just hope I'm here for it. Could you imagine four baptisms on the same day?? One is great enough but four would be insane! So we are pretty stoked out here in the great white north. 

So has anyone tried to talk like a Mainah for a day? We had dinner with a lady from Boston and a man from Maine and we talked a lot about the different accents that people have. It made me very conscious of the way I speak so now I'm doing my best to sound like Elder Holland. I still don't use the word "wicked" but I find it on the tip of my tongue way too often. It's kind of scary. I'm afraid that once I use it I will be on a slippery slope and soon I'll be a full-blooded Mainah.

So I have decided that I want to be more interesting to people, especially ward members. So I may or may not start telling half-truths to make myself cooler. For example, when someone asks me where I'm from, I may say Costa Rica every now and again. Or I may tell them that when I grow up I'm going to build longboards. Just little things like that to make me cooler. It's harmless right?

So today my comp, Elder Wright cut my hair for free! He also said that he was going to teach my how to cut my own hair so I'm pretty excited for that because many of you may know of my hatred for haircuts. I even acquired my own set of clippers so I'm golden! The haircut he gave me wasn't the best but it does the job so I'm fine with it, I'm not trying to pick up any chicks anyway right?

As I was writing this email I totally spaced and forgot what I wanted to write about...Anyways, Mom and DJ I got your collages I just wasn't educated enough to realize a collage when I saw one. But thanks! There's not a whole lot that is going on over here right now. Things are pretty normal. Except that we went on exchange with the ZL's this past week and I stayed here in Skowvegas with a ZL and Elder Wright went to Bangor (P.S. Did anyone hear of the guy who ate another guy's face in Bangor? Crazy stuff..). So I stayed here and we had a dinner appt that night. Well the ZL I was with is a crazy good singer and decided that he wanted to sing a song for the lesson after our meal. I straight up told him that I don't do that and that he was fine to sing but that I couldn't sing at all. Well he just said I would do fine and kept looking for a song. I told him that I was serious but he kept brushing it off. So just as he is about to tell the family that we want to sing, Bro Powers (we were at his house) said that they had to leave so we had to finish the lesson. I was so relieved! We didn't end up singing and I was soooooo happy! It was going to make the lesson super bad if I tried to sing because whenever I sing I just make up the part I sing. Sometimes it works and sounds good but most of the time I just stop singing because it's so bad. So that was a pretty close call but I made it through! Then the next day we had a ton of problems and the ZL's got a little frustrated with us. I don't think we gave them a very good impression but oh well we do our best every other day so who cares. Haha well now I'm rambling so I'm going to get going. I love all of you, yes even you!

Elder Resendez
(Yes, I'm still talking to you because I really do love you)

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012


Boy is it me or is it hot here in Maine? It's definitely not like the Arizona heat but it gets muggy and humid with almost no wind. So that makes it fun to go tracting in pants and a collared shirt. Nevertheless (yes I transition like Nephi, so what?) it has been an awesome week!

We did a bunch of finding since our investigators were being stubborn and we found some sweet new people to teach. One is the son of a less-active woman who is married to a non-member. They used to have the missionaries over a lot and were warming up to them until one missionary with a bad attitude came in and offended them. Since then they didn't talk to the missionaries much. So we went over and introduced ourselves and started building the bridges again and now we have a baptismal date set for their son! It's great awesome! His name is Christian and he's super funny. Our first lesson with him was a mix between talking about Zelda, Chuck Norris, and priesthood blessings. He was feeling sick and asked for a blessing so we gave him one and it was awesome! What better way is there to get a new investigator than to give a blessing? He also came to church this past week and brought his two friends that we are now teaching. He also has a sister who is 9.5 who wants to be baptized too. BUT, with all of this happening we have to be careful and make sure that they are getting baptized for the right reasons. But it is still an awesome miracle!

So last week we hit up a thrift store after doing emails and I found a typewriter for $2! I snagged it as quickly as I could and I just wrote my first letter on it! I love old fashioned junk! It makes me want to get a VW bus even more!

This week I also got to go on an exchange with Elder Garner up here in Skowhegan, it was super fun even though we didn't have much success. It was crazy to think that 5 or 6 years ago we were at EFY together trying to strengthen our testimonies and now we are together again sharing them as missionaries. I don't think it was a coincidence at all that we were placed so close to each other. It made me think about what it would be like to go teaching with any of my other friends that are serving right now as missionaries and how awesome that would be! We would probably baptize a whole city like Alma and Amulek!

This week our ward went on a trip to Boston to go to the temple. It was mainly for the youth and from what people say it went great. It was the first time for Wendy to go to the temple which is awesome! She loved going is looking forward to the next one. The youth here are stellar! Speaking of which, the people here in Maine have the greatest accents! A true Mainer will end a word with an R if it ends with a vowel. And if it ends with a R they will take it off and put an A. Example: Mainer=Mainah Appraiser=Appraisah Arizona=Arizoner Utah=Utahr Awesome right! I don't have the accent yet, I guess I'm not cool enough for it.

So the crazy Mainer story this week: In Waterville this week there was a burst of rain which created a giant flood. In Arizona people would be freaking out but here in Maine we have nerves of steel. Instead of freaking out people acted like there wasn't any water. When they would get to a flooded part on the road (and we are talking water that is around 4 feet deep) they would speed up and try to drive/float through it! Some cars were almost completely submersed in the water! One guy had a brilliant idea and grabbed his kayak and started getting around with that. We didn't have anything like that here in Skowhegan but I guess the flood was all over facebook and junk. It sounds like facebook is taking over the world, is it true?

Now the cool story: Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I passed the Sacrament to a disabled woman in a scooter. As I offered her the bread she tried to grab it with her right hand but because of her disability her right hand was almost motionless. However, her left hand was perfectly fine so she used her left hand to grab her right wrist and moved her hand so that she could grab the bread with her right hand. I was touched to see the level of respect that she had for the Sacrament by the effort she gave to ensure that she partook of it with her right hand. She could have easily used her left but there is something about using your right hand that makes it more significant. I'm not sure what it is but I know it mattered to her and it mattered to me. Later in the meeting a man gave a talk from Elder Hallstom's talk last conference about being converted to the gospel through the church. In it he talked about how we must be converted to the gospel and it's principles so that when God gives us greater understanding of his Gospel we understand the need for a change in church policies. He related the change in policy in 1978(?) that allowed all worthy male members to hold the priesthood. He talked about how that change in policy put many people off because they weren't converted to the gospel but rather to the church alone. If they had been converted to the gospel then they would have understood the change that was made and would have gladly accepted it. Just some awesome experiences I had in Sacrament! The only boring Sacrament meetings are the ones that you pay less attention during.

Well I love you all and wish you a happy birthday!

From Maine with Love,
Elder Resendez (Or Elder R as people have started to call me)

P.S. Read the last chapter of 2 Nephi where Nephi says that he will stand face to face with you at the bar of judgment. How cool will that be for those who accept his words? It will be like meeting a long lost friend or brother. I can't wait!