Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 2!

Hey Everybody!

It's only been two weeks but it feels like I have been here for an eternity! As much as I like the MTC, I'm excited to get out into the field and experience some New England weather! I'm more excited for the winter than the summer so wait six months and I'll be complaining.

This week has been pretty good, I feel like I am such a good teacher compared to when I first got here. But don't worry, I am still humble and know that the second I step off the plane I will feel like the guy off of The Best 2 Years. Basically The Best Two Years has been amazingly accurate for my mission experience so far.

Just a side note, any of you wanting to send me a letter, just send it to my mission office unless you are going to use Dear Elder because I'm not sure how long it takes mail to get here. Oh and thanks Mal! You have written to me or sent me something everyday of my mission, you rock! Thanks for the packages, the book and keychain, I just got those today. (Mom: Could you please send me my Articles of Faith book by Talmage, it's in my closet. Also since you can't send me my switchblade can you send my survival knife? There are guys here with knives about the same size. Just send to the mission and I'll pick them up there.)

Well some people say that a mission is all work and no play but my district can argue against that. We work hard and we play hard and so far we seem to be the best teachers when we compare ourselves to the other districts. I know that's not really humble but sometimes you need to gauge your progression to see how you're doing. So here are some funny stories that have happened over the past two weeks: 

First, last night Elder Hoffman and I taught this guy from another district. We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and everything was going well until the guy got tired. When he gets tired he yawns. I know this is all normal so far but when he yawns he tries his hardest to keep his mouth shut. So as he starts to yawn, his face gets long and his eyes almost shut but don't shut all the way. And then his bottom lip begins to quiver. When I say quiver I mean it has a seizure. I had taught this guy by myself once before and I knew that when he starts to yawn that I should look down at my scriptures to avoid laughing. Elder Hoffman did not know this. So as he begins to yawn, his lip quivers, and Elder Hoffman busts out laughing which makes me laugh. So we both are sitting there laughing because of the faces this guy is making during lesson and we can barely finish it. The guy was a champion though and kept in his role and asked what was wrong and why we were laughing. We played it off saying that we were just good friends and so when one of us laughs, the other follows.

Second story, we have two devotionals in the gym every week and they are awesome! But at the beginning they have us sing songs for about 15 minutes until the devotional begins. It gets pretty tiring because they always pick weird songs that everybody but me knows. Anyway, last Sunday during the devotional we were sitting there trying to sing when the guys in my district next to me start laughing. I didn't know what they were laughing at until it hit me. They say the food here does bad things to you, well someone was experiencing that a few chairs down from where I was. They just kept um....releasing gas? Sure I think that's somewhat appropriate. Well they kept doing that and it left many of us wishing we sat in a more ventilated area. It was pretty funny but don't worry we settled down and got in the right mood to listen to the speaker. So far we have had Sister Dalton, Elder Clayton, Brother Richards, and someone else....This Sunday our district gets to be ushers for seats which means that we get seats reserved right at the front of the gym. So we will get to sit right in front of the speaker(hopefully an apostle!). I'm really looking forward to it and I hope it gives me the boost I want to get out in the field and rage on some people's souls! (That's a phrase from Elder Bagley, I like it and find it appropriate to my calling.)

I got a Christmas card from the Lewis family and just wanted to express my gratitude to them! Also, I wanted to say that Uncle Rog looks like a straight up G in the picture and I miss working for him. Oh, before I forget, as much as I love all of the packages I get, PLEASE don't send me candy! I'm losing weight because I have been eating better but it's hard to resist a big bag of delicious candy. So if you would like to be a saint and send me a treat, I would recommend something healthier like craisins or almonds or something like that. Thanks for the trail mix by the way.

Well I hope you all are doing well, I don't know if I will get to call you on Monday. We fly out around 7 and land in Detroit around 1 their time. Then we fly out of there at 2 and land in NH at 4ish. I will send better details but it doesn't look like I will be able to call you guys but if I do it may be in Detroit or NH so adjust your clocks! Please keep me updated with all of my friends, yes I would like Jake's and Thomas' letters and I'm hoping Pres. Wilkey will let me email them since I can't write to them but if not I'd still like to hear about them.

I have only a minute left and it's dinner time so I have to go. Merry Christmas everyone and remember that Christmas is more than gifts, at least it's more than the ones any of us can give! Love you!

Elder Resendez

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  1. Ty may not get a white Christmas in Provo but it looks like Bedford NH will have snow on Christmas day and freezing rain on Tuesday so hopefully that will be close enough for him. I am grateful that the weather looks good on Monday for his flights.