Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Missionary Training Compound! Wait, sorry, Center!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope your day has been wonderful so far but I have to say that my day has been better and I'm pretty confident that I'm right. I know I'm right because I just had Sacrament meeting with Elder David A. Bednar! I had no clue that we would have an apostle at our meeting today because we are supposed to have one tonight so I'm really excited to see who is coming tonight! I'm hoping it's Elder Holland and if it is I'm going to freak out because Bednar and Holland are the best missionary apostles in my opinion.

Elder Bednar's talk was sooo good! He talked about how if you only have a testimony, that's great but it's not enough. You need to have a testimony and be truly converted to Christ and His church and if you are then you will never fall away. He also talked about what made Christ's ministry on earth so amazing and possible. He quoted Neil A. Maxwell who said,"There would have been no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ." I love this quote and how Elder Bednar explained it. He explained that Christ's character was to turn outward in times of adversity and affliction. The natural man in all of us desires to turn inward when bad things happen because we want to feel sorry for ourselves and we want to have people comfort us but we should do as Christ did and turn outward.

One example he gave was when Satan was tempting Christ after Christ fasted for a great amount of time. He asked Christ three times to prove his authority as the Son of God by performing great feats but each time Christ put off the natural desire to prove oneself and he resisted the temptations. Then after his long encounter with Satan and great fast, Christ learned that John was in prison. Instead of having angels minister unto Him after all of these trials, He sent them to help John in his time of need. This is one of the many ways that Christ turned outward in tough times.

This is what I need to do as a missionary and a representative of Him. It's difficult but it is possible (Phil. 4:13). So even though I woke up at 6:30 to eat cold cereal and open zero presents with absolutely NO SNOW on the ground, I am still having the best Christmas ever.

On Friday we had In-Field Orientation which is for missionaries that are about to leave and it was awesome! Before I explain why it was so awesome, let me begin by telling you some background information. There are these videos that were made a couple of years ago that are live documentaries of missionaries. They are called The District and I recommend buying and watching them, especially if you know a missionary. If you don't want to get both then get the second one, it's better. So basically this camera crew followed four companionships around and videotaped them as they taught different investigators. It's completely real and it's so cool because you get to see what it's like being a missionary.

Well during orientation I was taught by three missionaries from The District 2 and it was so cool! It was like meeting celebrities but ones that actually do good things and are good people. I talked with one for a little and I was on cloud nine. If you watch the video I was taught by Elders Moreno, Murray, and Bott. They all go to BYU and are super down to earth cool guys who really care about missionary work.

I have decided that after my mission I want to become a teacher here at the MTC because I love this so much! My teachers were awesome guys and I want to be able to influence countless missionaries just like them.

So for Christmas I would like one thing in particular. Could someone send me a cheap new paperback copy of the Book of Mormon for a special project Elder Bednar gave me? It would be much appreciated! I would buy one here but the bookstore closed two days ago and won't be open until I leave so I can't  buy one here.

I leave tomorrow! I gave Mal my travel plans so ask her for them if you don't have them. I may call at any time tomorrow to the house phone so be ready! I leave the MTC at 4 in the morning FYI.

Well it's time for me to go so I better get off but before I do I j just want to express my appreciation for all of you who have helped me in so many ways. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Remember, true conversion is the only way to remain faithful in such a harsh world. Love you all!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Resendez
P.S. The computer freezes every two seconds so if there are any spelling errors that is why. Please fix those Mom so I look educated, thanks! Oh and thank you for all of the letters and packages, I have received them all! Godspeed the Right!

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