Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter to Mal & Brock

Mal & Brock,

Hey thanks for all of the letters and packages! All of my roommates hate me because I get something every time we pick up the mail. But everybody loves the Christmas tree so thanks for that especially! I looked so cool with a huge package in the mail room.

Well I just emailed you guys but they only give us 30 minutes. So have you put up the Dear Elder info on the blog? (Yes - it is now on the right side column!) That would help people write to me.

Just so you have more info on how I'm doing, I'm doing great! I'm not homesick (anymore), I don't get nervous to teach people (anymore), I get along with all of the guys in my district but get annoyed by two guys so I'm praying that I don't have them as companions later on haha.

I have seen so many people that I know. You wouldn't know any of them but for the sake of the blog I have seen Elders Channing Goodman, Chase Richardson, Nick Willis, a guy that was in my EFY group, and I met an elder named Elder Fahina who played rugby with my friend Wesley Walden. I talked to him for a little and he's really cool, and he's Polynesian!

As for my health, I'm doing pretty good. The food here is dangerous but I mostly eat salad. So far I have lost six pounds! It's crazy! I can't do 10 pull ups anymore and it's hard to exercise which stinks.

I'm so excited to get out into the mission field and change some lives! But don't worry, I'm not like the nerdy elder in The Best Two Years, at least not yet. Our zone leaders are super cool and they are going to the same mission as the one in The Best Two Years. So when they speak Dutch it's cool because we can understand some of it. So far I have not made any Polynesian friends so I'm hoping I get a Poly comp in New England.

There's only a tiny bit of snow around here so it doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm hoping it snows next Monday and all through the week so I can have my first White Christmas.

I hope this plus the email gives you enough content for the blog. Tell Mom to keep my emails and not to delete them so i can read them later. Sorry for the chicken scratch, I'm writing on a box in my bed. Talk to you soon!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Tell Dad to keep me up on sports!

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